2018/2019 San Diego Section Committees


  • EVENTS PLANNING COMMITTEE:  To have the organizational responsibility and oversight of all activities relating to the Section’s events and activities.
    Chair: Chuck Anders;  Members: Diane Vermeulen, Cristina Nunez


  • HEALTH & SAFETY COMMITTEE:  To assist members in any issue relating to health and safety in the workplace.  To report and provide information to PECG any time there is a concern about employees’ safety, or whenever there is a situation where employees’ health or safety is at risk.
    Chair: Mehi Nabizadeh;  Members: Fred Abdipour (2 to 3)


  • MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:  To lead the Section and provide assistance to Corporate efforts in membership & recruitment.
    Chair: Cristina Nunez;  Members: Oscar Cortes, Fred Abdipour, Open (1)


  • NOMINATIONS & ELECTION COMMITTEE:  In charge of the 2019/2020 Section Election and in nominating any member or officer for outstanding service awards.
    Chair: John Williamson;  Members: Diane Vermeulen, Oscar Cortes, Tom Collins, Shahin Adibi


  • POLICY & BYLAWS COMMITTEE:  To render assistance on all procedures and activities by Section for full compliance with the Bylaws and Policy Files.
    Chair: Oscar Cortes;  Members: Diane Vermeulen, John Williamson, Open (1)


  • POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT COMMITTEE:  In close coordination with PECG PAC, to assist in the Corporate Statewide PAC effort, to project a positive image of PECG and to advocate for its goals and beliefs.
    Chair: Oscar Cortes;  Members: Abu-Bakr Al-Jafri, Fred Abdipour, John Williamson


  • RETIREMENT COMMITTEE:  To inform members regarding retirement procedures, retirement benefits, and to update our members with CalPERS issues.
    Chair: Fred Abdipour;  Members: Abu-Bakr Al-Jafri, Diane Vermeulen, Open (2 to 3)


  • SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE/STUDENT MENTORING:  To recognize, assist and encourage students of PECG members to pursue a college degree.
    Chair: Cristina Nunez;  Members: Diane Vermeulen, Abu-Bakr Al-Jafri, Frank Contreraz


  • PUBLIC OUTREACH COMMITTEE:  To utilize the good will of the membership in order to uphold and promote the image of PECG as a bona fide professional organization that services the engineering profession well and engages other professional organizations.
    Chair: Oscar Cortes;  Members: Abu-Bakr Al-Jafri, Diane Vermeulen, Open (1)


  • SCIENCE FAIR COMMITTEE:  PECG presents awards at the Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair to the students whose projects are selected by PECG members.  PECG sets its own criteria for awards and judges student projects on the afternoon of judging day.
    Chair: Diane Vermeulen;  Members: Cristina Nunez, Open (1)


  • CHEERS COMMITTEE:  To Connect, Help, Encourage, Engage, Respect and Share among PECG members, young or old.
    Members: Joseph Tang, Cristina Nunez, Open (1)


    Chair: Eva Palma;  Members: Abu-Bakr Al-Jafri, Oscar Cortes, Open (1)


    Chair: Shukky Sanni;  Members: Karen Islas, Ryan Fallica, Benjamin Haney


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